Money Saving Apps that everyone should know about in 2018

Posted 18th June, 2018 Money Saving Apps that everyone should know about in 2018

Whether its short term or Long term, putting money aside for a rainy day or future purchase is always a good idea. Having a financial cushion not only protects you from unexpected costs but also helps you sleep well at night. In today’s day and age, saving can be quite difficult. However, thanks to modern technology, many apps and websites have been developed to help you save on the go.

Apps that encourage short-term saving

1) VoucheCodes:

A great app for finding deals, the app also presents its customers with a variety of vouchers to help them avail discounts on a wide range of products. This app gives its users access to information on discounts for thousands of well-known brands.

If you don’t have any necessity or something to save for but are still troubled by your spending habits, it's not too late to change them. There are certain ways of ensuring that you are not indulging in unnecessary spending and this app helps you do just that.

2) CheckoutSmart:

No matter how amazing the deals may seem at your local supermarket, there are ways to make them even better. The Checkout Smart app helps you receive cash backs on each purchase made. They also give you exclusive deals on many products.


3) VoucherCloud:

Everyone enjoys eating at restaurants and going out. This app allows you to do this and save money at the same time. It does so by showing you all the deals and offers at restaurants near your location. You can find discounts on every type of meal and cuisine, all you have to do is specify your choice.


4) MasterCard Nearby:

Most debit or credit cards these days are MasterCards. This app gives you added benefit as it helps you find ATMs that allow free withdrawals when you access your cash.


5) MySupermarket:

Another great app to help you save on your grocery shopping, It gives its users exclusive discounts, great cash backs and even allows users to set up alerts for new deals on particular products. You can use this app in a number of supermarkets.


6) StyleCompare:

Everyone loves shopping for clothes and fashion accessories. It is also the habit that gets us into trouble most often. Through this app, you can compare different styles and sort them by price. You can focus your search by choosing the brand, price range, label, and product.

7) Momondo:

Trips can end up costing a lot more than we initially anticipated. Momondo helps you avoid this very issue. The app helps you compare flight, car and hotel rates, helping you find the best rates. A unique feature is its Fare Alert feature that allows users to set up alerts for their favoured hotels and flights. What’s even better is that it helps you find deals without adding any additional costs and fees.


Apps that encourage better spending habits

1) Energy Tracker:

Sometimes our electricity bills can be the biggest source of our worry. This meter readings app works to prevent that worry. Through access to your household utility meters, it calculates how much energy is being consumed, how much can be saved. It also compares different suppliers and what they charge.

2) Stocard:

Often, we have a number of loyalty cards that contain points that can help us avail massive discounts. The problem is, that more often than not we forget about them or lose them. Stocard not only helps you keep track of these cards but also collects all the points or deals that you receive while shopping.


3) UK Salary Calculator 2018:

Between all the bills, deposits, and other unavoidable expenditure, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of how much

money you have left or can use for other purposes. The Salary Calculator helps you keep track of your finances while taking into account your hourly, monthly or yearly salary.

Rather than focusing on saving, some people need to stretch their income and make sure it lasts before the next pay-check comes in. Luckily for them, there are apps that help you do just that.

Apps that help you cut corners

1) Bean:

This site is ideal for those people who are unable to keep track of where their money is going. Other than alerting to you if better deals are available for certain services, it also helps you get rid of services that you aren’t using but still paying for. It tracks your bills and subscriptions, to regulate your spending and cut down on unnecessary expenditure.

2) Chip:

If you’re worried about how to save and have enough money to function properly, this app is ideal for you. After receiving access to your account, Chip calculates how much you can save and spend while living comfortably. After calculating that amount with the help of an algorithm, it makes things even more convenient by transferring that amount into another savings account.

If you’ve set a goal for your savings and don’t know how to go about actually doing that, we know a few apps that can help you. They help you set aside money and reach our goal in the easiest way possible.


Apps that help reach goals

Savings GoalsPro:

If you’re looking to save for trips, deposits and getaways but can’t quite figure out where to start, this app is the answer to your question. Through this app, you can set a deadline as well as a goal for yourself. It then helps you come up with milestones that help you keep track of your progress.


We hope that we have given you a number of ways to help you get started on your path to financial robustness. All that remains to be done is for you to actually begin saving, so good luck, and we wish you have a fruitful and prosperous journey. Happy Saving!

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