Cookies Policy

About our Cookies

At Fast Loan UK we understand that many people may not be familiar with cookies and other similar types of technology, so we want to help educate you on them and how they are used. That way you will be able to make more of an informed decision when visiting any site online that uses them.

What is a cookie and what do companies use them for?

Cookies are a small piece of text used to store information on web browsers. The information is a cookie usually includes the name of the website, a unique identifier, which is normally randomly generated and their ‘duration’ or ‘lifespan’

Cookies are normally used by websites to recognise visitors when the return to the site, to store any preferences selected during previous visits, and to help highlight areas of improvement to the site. The general goal is to improve the overall website experience of the user 

The different types of cookies we use

Session ID – This type of cookie keeps you logged in to your account and enables us to maintain the state of your browsing history as you move from page to page in the website. This is most important during the application process and when you login to your loan portal to manage your loan account

User Experience – Remembers your preferences and measures your activity, as well as optimizing your experience

Persistent cookies – These are longer terms cookies and generally stay on your computer for up to 30 days after you have closed your web browser. These are used to help us recognise that you have been on the site previously in order for us to make your experience of using the site more efficient.

Third party cookies – cookies that are placed on a user’s hard disk by a different website domain, other than the one you are currently viewing.

For instance, search engines like Yahoo and google will often set cookies to see where people go after using their website. At this point anonymous, statistical information is collected when you've moved onto another website. Many advertisers often show promotions and adverts on websites that aren't theirs and use cookies to find out when people are viewing and clicking on them.

We use third party cookies for marketing purposes. For example, to show adverts of our services on other websites and track when they are clicked on.

Do I need to worry about Cookies?

In today's day and age everyone has a right to be worried about privacy and what information of theirs is being stored and used.

However, there is no need to worry about cookies as they are not designed to track and monitor personal information. They are merely harmless pieces of small code that help improve the user experience. Cookies set by Fast Loan UK cannot access any information that is stored on your computers hard drive. The only way a cookie could be used to identify you would be if you provided this personal information and ticked a box to confirm you are happy for it to be processed in accordance with the T’s & C’s of the business and website.   

Can I delete cookies from my own computer or devise?

Yes; all you need to do is clear your internet history from your browser. On mobiles this is normally found in your setting page under Safari or Internet, but this all depends on your devise and your web browser. Simple step by step instructions can be found using any search engine.
You can also amend your browsing settings so cookies are not accepted as default. Do bear in mind if you do this it may make your browsing more difficult as you may not have fall access to all the features on a site.