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Borrow: £500 over 16 weeks. 4 repayments of £183.59. Total amount payable £734.36. Interest rate: 151.4% pa (fixed). Representative 766.18.% APR.

Warning: Late repayment can cause serious money problems. For help, go to moneyhelper.org.uk

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When you’re faced with an unexpected expense that can’t wait until payday, quick cash loans can help you resolve your short-term cash flow issues. Finding quick cash online from a responsible, trustworthy lender can be difficult – and even more so if you have a poor credit rating. Here at Fast Loan UK, you’re in good hands.

With our quick cash loans in the UK, we can offer up to £2,000, which can be repaid in flexible weekly or monthly instalments over up to 8 months. We have our customers’ best interests at heart, and help you find quick cash online in a way that is sustainably affordable and isn’t likely to lead you into further financial difficulty. If approved, you could have the cash in your bank account in as little as 10 minutes – and your personal Customer Care manager will be available for the duration of your loan to answer any question, big or small.

To find out more, contact the friendly team at Fast Loan UK. Once you’re ready, submit a quick cash application online today.

About Our Quick Cash Online Loans

Before you fill out a quick cash loans online application, it's important that you fully understand what you’re applying for when you get quick cash online with us. At Fast Loan UK, we’re proud to be fully transparent about every aspect of our fast loans in the UK. This includes the criteria we base our lending decisions on, a breakdown of all costs of your loan, how repayments work, and what you can expect from your experience with us.

When you submit a quick cash application, what you’ll get is unsecured, short or medium-term quick cash loans from us as your direct lender. We’ll go through what each of these terms means:

Unsecured: our quick cash online loans are available without the need for collateral. This is where you would have to offer up a valuable, such as your car or property, to be approved for a loan. Not only does this drag out the process, when you have to wait for your possessions to be valuated, but you also risk losing them if you miss a repayment. Instead, we offer quick cash loans up to £2,000 dependent on affordability.

Loan terms: you have complete control over how long you want to take to repay your loan. Some lenders expect the full amount, along with interest and fees, to be repaid all from your next paycheck, which can lead to further money issues in the next month. You can choose to repay your loan in as little as 7 days, if that suits you, or you can spread the repayments over a longer period. First-time customers can take up to 8 months to repay their quick cash loans in the UK, while returning customers have up to 12 months. It’s important to note that while a longer loan term will make each instalment more manageable, it will increase the total cost of your loan, as interest builds up over time.

Direct lender: when you apply for quick cash online with Fast Loan UK, we lend the money to you directly. Not only does this speed up the process, because we don’t need to get permission from anyone else, but you save money with no broker fees too. You also benefit from being able to speak directly with your lender at any point – simply get in touch with your personal Customer Care manager, who will remain with you for the entire duration of your quick cash loan term.

About Our Quick Cash Loans UK

What really makes our quick cash loans different to other lenders, however, is that we don’t discriminate against people who have low credit scores, a history of defaults, CCJs or other negative factors on their credit histories. You can get quick cash online with poor credit, thanks to the fact that we look beyond your credit score. We understand that there are several different factors that can lower your score, and it can take a long time to build it back up. All that matters to us is your current financial situation: if you can afford the cost of your loan now, the past is irrelevant.

As a responsible lender, we will run a credit check before we can approve your quick cash online loan application. Not only are we required to by the Financial Conduct Authority, but the report will give us a better picture of all factors that might affect your current finances. However, if you have been declared bankrupt, entered a Debt Relief Order, or have an Individual Voluntary Arrangement on your credit file, we could not in good conscience approve your application. Rest assured, however, that a low credit score will not cause us to turn down your quick cash loans online application.

You’re welcome to submit a quick cash application if you:

• Are at least 18 years of age

• Are a resident of the UK

• Have a bank account and valid debit card

• Receive a regular income from employment

Submitting a Quick Cash Application

Once you have determined how much you need to borrow from quick cash loans in the UK, and have worked out the best repayment term to suit your upcoming budget, it’s quick and easy to submit your application to get quick cash online.

We’ll make our decision in principle straight away, so you don’t need to wait around for a decision about your quick cash application. Your personal Customer Care manager may call you if we need any more information before making a confirmed offer, but this usually takes around five minutes.

If we can approve your quick cash loans online application, we’ll send you a digital loan agreement for you to read and sign. Take your time with this stage, as we want you to be confident in your decision. The loan agreement will set out a breakdown of all costs involved, including the date and amount of each repayment. Once you have digitally signed the agreement, we’ll transfer your quick cash online to your bank account, and 95% of customers receive their loan within 10 minutes.

Need any more information about our quick cash loans UK? All you need to do is contact Fast Loan UK. Our friendly advisors will be more than happy to answer any questions you have, and ensure you feel confident in your decision to get quick cash online with Fast Loan UK.

To get started, you can apply for our cash loans online today.